something with a past  

Nostalgic and Familiar.  Wanted and Discarded.  Mine and Yours.

In this space some things with a past have been gathered, collected, fabricated, found and given.

In this space of objects, stories spill off the shelves pooling & puddling into ponds of need, want, discovery & treasure.

In this space, if the request of time is heeded, value, purpose, possibility & necessity bubble to the surface & invite an exchange.

The Space was thoughtfully filled with objects that had been donated, discarded, found, fabricated, repurposed and recycled. In order to participate, you had to bring one object into the space and swap it for another object. It was a One to One swap, no questions asked. A photograph was made of each individual holding the trade object and the swap object. The portraits live streamed on a monitor in the space accompanied by a 70's 80's soundtrack. The Invitation to Participate was extended to the greater Charlotte community.


1) carry your object with you until you are ready to swap: to give in trade

2) bring both objects to the gallery attendant

3) say “I like swap” and smile really big for the camera

4) tell a friend and swap again


There were over 607 SWAPS in the first 5 days....

                                                                                      and 1313 SWAPS in 12 days....


 SWAPPERS were asked to hold the old object they brought in their Right hand

and the New Treasured SWAP in their Left hand and to SMILE for the camera.